NippitsTM are unique, patented, padless nipple concealment strips that help females feel more comfortable and confident in all types of clothes and lingerie.

  • The perfect Solution for times you do not want your nipples to show.
  • Latex-free, physician designed and medically approved.
  • Conceals nipples under gowns, tops, sheer bras, and even wet swimsuits
  • Eliminates embarrassing moments (especially at work) by preventing nipple visibility.
  • The choice of women for ease of use, natural appearance, and total effectiveness.

Hollywood, CA - January 8, 2002 Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and other Hollywood Celebrities have set fashion trends and this year is no exception. Leading ladies and top costume designers in the film and television communities are raving about a revolutionary new product called "NippitsTM". For year, women have been looking for an effective alternative painful and bulky adhesive taping methods for concealing their nipples. Working from that fact, a revolutionary new product called "NippitsTM", which effectively solves this age-old problem, has been introduced. The NippitsTM Design fills an important niche in the area of fashion, complementing all women's wardrobes.

NippitsTM are unique, padless, painless to remove nipple concealment strips that are totally effective for those moments when women DO NOT want their nipples to show. NippitsTM are the first physician-designed and patented product that replaces old adhesive methods such as bandage tape, bulky glue on cups and daisy shaped pasties that are ineffective.

"NippitsTM can be worn all day and are so light that you forget they are on," according to company President and CEO, Sheila Johnson. "Another amazing quality of the product is its ability to stay on even under wet bathing suits. A costume designer from the new film Matrix II recently ordered 3,000 pairs to outfit the entire film project!"

Actresses are incorporating the product for use by their female characters of all shapes, sizes and ages while they enjoy the benefits of wearing NippitsTM. A number of Hollywood film and television productions are using the product in their storylines.

Small breasted and surgically augmented women, who never really need to wear a bra, get great results on the set of the Television Series, "Will and Grace". Large breasted women, like Carmen Elektra in her latest film, needed support and wore them under a more comfortable sheer bra, while still maintaining the security of nipple concealment. Teenagers on the set of "Now and Again" often insecure in their appearance, find them especially useful in preventing embarrassing moments.

"These sheer strips are latex free, non-irritating, breathable and totally medically safe," says S. Kraig Johnson, M.D., co-inventor. "They give women a real psychological boost by removing potential awkward situations. We're thrilled that the product has been so well received in Hollywood and are increasing our manufacturing capacity to accommodate the increase in orders."

Today's women, from workplace to Hollywood or any social situation, want the option of gaining more control of their appearance while complimenting their wardrobe. NippitsTM afford women this control and allows them to feel natural, free and sexy. The latest fashions, including sheer fabrics, halter tops, form fitting blouses, t-shirts, evening wear, corporate suits and even wet swimsuits can be worn with confidence, freedom and fun.

Because of their uniqueness, NippitsTM was granted U.S. Patent # 6,350,175 B2 in 2001.

NippitsTM, Inc. launched their worldwide marketing campaign and Hollywood Premiere in January 2002 and the product is available in stores all over the world.